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Enjoy an innovative trading platform with multichart layout, technical analysis, quotes, insights and beyond- everything you’re looking for in a futuristic trading platform. We have introduced plenty of features to give you the ultimate trading experience, and to help you optimize your experience dealing with cryptocurrencies.

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    Create FREE Account

    Easy onboarding process. Instantly create a crypto trading account just using your Email Id

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    Link Payment Method

    Various options available- Credit and Debit Card, various Payment Processors and Net Banking

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    Buy / Sell Crypto Currency

    Select from a huge array of coins. Hassle free procedure of buying with a trusted partner

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    Exchange / Trade / Spend

    Custom trading engine executes orders in near realtime. Flexibility to spend Crypto at merchant outlets

We are Awesome

Traders across the globe are switching to Cointronix. Find out what sets us apart.

  • Easy Onboarding
  • Minimal Fee
  • Open Order Book
  • Maximum Security
  • Amazing Support
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Crypto Debit Card
  • Referral Programme

First Security & Utility Token Exchange in Asia

Cointronix seeks to be a fully regulated security exchange in Asia and in the US.

Companies that have been approved by local regulators to offer security tokens either one of the two jurisdictions will be allowed to be fast tracked into a dual listing to the second exchange at minimal cost. The dual listing will serve to increase the company’s global brand and promote greater liquidity through broader global investor interest for the company’s security tokens.

Platform Comparison Chart

Discover Why Cointronix is Preferred over any other Crypto Exchange

Cointronix Binance Bittrex Poloniex Bitfinex
Engine Capacity 10 MTpS 6 MTpS 7 MTpS 5 MTpS 8 MTpS
Latency 0.14 0.24 0.15 0.25 0.18
Advanced Trading Chart
  • Multiple Chart views in single window - up to 6
  • Zoom upto 1 Min
  • Full Screen View
  • Export/Print/Save any chart view
Dummy Trading Account
Beginners & Advanced Modes
  • Beginners - Simple Buy & Sell with Market, Limit & Stop Orders
  • Advanced - Beginners functions + Charting & Technical Indicators
Trading Fee* 0.00%
Referral Reward
Risk Protection Switch
Streaming Crypto News & Updates
Trading Bot
Social Trading
  • Give opportunity to other users to copy your trade. All your open
    trades are automatically copied into followers accounts
Technical Indicators - All fully customizable
Depth Graph
Heat Map
  • Currencies Analyzer
Derivatives Trading
  • Listed futures and options
  • Options pricing and delta hedging
  • Charting of historical volatility and correlations
Messaging & Chat rooms
Crypto ETF and Index trading
Personal Portfolio Manager
  • All your favorite currencies at one place
Alert Notifications on Browser, Desktop, Mobile
  • Always get alerted when price goes up and down
  • Add an alert directly on the chart by double clicking on it
  • Push notification on Android & iOS
SHA512 Security Encription
GDPR Compliant
Security Token Exchange

* Trading fees likely to get revised from time-to-time as per company policy.

Cointronix Cryptocurrency Eco System

We are Building up the World’s Biggest Cryptocurrency Ecosystem to bring various Crypto Products under One Roof.

  • Crypto Newsmag

    June 2018

    Coinblaze.co- Keep yourself updated of the latest happening in the Cryptocurrency world
  • Crypto Exchange

    Sep 2018

    Futuristic Cryptocurrency exchange & trading platform- bringing you the best of finance & technology.
  • Crypto eWallet

    Nov 2018

    A multisig eVault to keep your digital currency secure inside a military grade stealth protection.
  • Crypto mPOS

    Sep 2018

    Spend your digital currency at any designated merchant outlets- online and offline.
  • Security Token Platform

    Oct 2018

    First of its kind in the South west Asia to bring security token trading into a Crypto exchange.
  • Crypto Debit Card

    Jan 2019

    Spend your digital currency anywhere on the go with Debit Card, Prepaid Card and Gift Card.
  • Crypto Lending

    Mar 2019

    Enjoy the luxury of spending without balance. We are 1st to bring lending into Crypto.
  • Crypto Credit Card

    Apr 2019

    Enjoy the luxury of spending without balance. We are 1st to bring you a Crypto credit card.

Enjoy Multiple Payment & Spending Modes

Combine the Benefits of Crypto Investment with Convenience of Payment & Spending

  • Crypto Debit Card
  • Crypto Lending
  • Crypto Credit Card
  • Crypto mPOS
  • Crypto Prepaid & Gift Cards
  • Crypto eWallet
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